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  • Also, don't need to do the battle; it looks like autoleveling is not coming back :/
    We would just have a battle to see if auto leveling is back or not, then I'll forfeit
    Btw, I was wondering if you could help me see how the battle system works? :)
    Remember when I said I might forget to notice?

    Well whoops. In return, I'll just keep wifi on for now. Get on whenever you can.
    Well, I'm here right now (And will be for a while, though I might forget to notice), so if you're available from here on out today just tell me.
    Apparently it was a Venipede. Calm. From the looks of things it was probably used to pass down a spikes/toxic spikes combo. Unless you were using it for that, I dunno. I don't look into battle tactics too much.
    Most of them (Well, most of everything) have been released since BW2 came out. Just give me whatever, then. Tell me when you're on and keep tabs on things here since I need to get a few things done this hour.
    Well, I doubt you're around, but I've got a Gible for ya. Just tell me when you're available for trade (And I hope I'll be on when that is)
    Well, I asked about 5th gen ones (Currently looking for analytic patrat and rivalry pidove for the heck of it). If you don't have any 5th gen ones, though, just get me whatever. I'm gonna start breeding up a Gible right now. I'll see about getting back to you on Cranidos, depending on how fed up I possibly get.
    Sure, I can help with Gible. I'm a little hesitant about Cranidos (I really hate breeding up 1/8th chance females) but I'll see what I can do.

    On your end, what 5th gen dream world abilities can you breed up, if any?
    I can get life orbs and leftovers too, I see you have an offer though but if you need them please let me know.
    I have loaaads of Life Orbs and Leftovers, all legit from Battle Subway, since I have too much time! How many do you want of each, and would it be OK, if I took 2 credits in your thread as payment? =3
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